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What’s Wrong With Android? Nothing.

Since my post about my new iPhone 3GS a week ago, I’ve since received messages from some readers and friends asking what’s wrong with Android and what made me go back to using iPhone again? For the record, there is nothing wrong with Android or HTC Hero for that matter. As a phone, it still kicks iPhone’s ass. The size, form and interface – perfect. It only loses out at the media integration part without having something like iTunes. And for those who think that iTunes has over 120,000 apps is a big deal – bullshit! Have you checked out the App Store lately? Beyond page one of the featured apps – you’ll find rubbish. Fugly looking apps, useless and totally a waste of space. Android Market, it’s new and has about 10% of what the Apple App Store is today – given enough time, it will too get as crowded and filled with fugly looking apps like Apple’s. So, what’s the deal? Personally, I love Podcasts. I love the ease of updating my photos, music, etc with iTunes on my 3GS. That’s what made me return to the iPhone. With Android 2.1 coming real soon, things are gonna get even better for the Hero. Did I mention that HTC Hero can tether on any Telco while iPhone 3GS is locked to Maxis? See, HTC Hero is like a free spirit while the iPhone 3GS is like a shackled-soul. If one is totally honest, one would not be able to decide between one over the other. You just can’t. So, choose your own poison.

iPhone Is Clueless, According To Moto

In what seems to be some school girls bitching fueled by jealousy – Moto took another punch at Apple’s iPhone calling it a “Digitally clueless tiara wearing beauty pageant queen” in it’s latest Ad for Droid. Well, in such circumstance, the prudent teaching of copies don’t work as well as the original applies. So Moto, shut the BEEP up! Apple fanboy mode on!

Motorola Droid Ships, No One Cared


The Motorola Droid starts selling today in the US. But no one cared. No long lines. No crazy folks camping over night. Nope. None of that. Maybe Motorola screwed up so bad the last couple of years, it’ll take some time before people start thinking otherwise. I really hope things will pick-up for Moto or Android for that matter. Too much monopoly isn’t healthy. Just observe, at the absurd number of iPhone users around you these days. It’s sickening – and that coming from an Apple fanboy. Maybe I preferred the exclusivity of being an iPhone user in the early days. Now that it’s being used by every Tom, Dick, Harry, Mary, Jane and Lucy. I did what I had to – leave. And left I did.

Motorola: Stealth Droid

What happened to Motorola? It’s like they’ve finally experiencing a great awakening after a long slumber. When they got a hit with the Razor couple years back, it seemed they were complacent of it’s success and hit a plateau. Now, with the upcoming release of Droid, they seems to be back in action, once again. This is a cool ad, but Apple’s “There’s an app for that” is kinda like the Nintendo Wii to non-core gamers. It’s non-techie friendly and hence it’s success. This, is like a teaser trailer from Transformers 3 – target audience, hardcore tech junkies.

Droid, By Motorola


Everyone seems to be jumping onboard the Android market these days. The latest is Droid by Motorola. Tech blogs are raving about the Droid. According to Motorola – The web is richer. Photos are sharper. Videos pop. It has the most advanced browser and Android 2.0 software with a blazing-fast processor and 3G speed for faster search. It has the world’s thinnest QWERTY slider at 13.7mm. It can help you navigate turn-by-turn. It has a 5MP camera with a flash, plus loads of great camera features and a DVD-quality recorder to capture all the richer, bigger, wider experiences you’re going to have. It’s the phone with the “Hi” IQ.

Hello Moto …. welcome back.


HTC Hero: Gadget + Phone Of The Year


Well, it’s not like the Oscars or Grammys. But its still good to know that HTC Hero got Gadget of The Year and Phone of The Year awards from a reputable gadget magazine – T3. In addition to these two worthy prizes, Google Android also stole Launch of the Year, and Google was named Tech Brand of the Year. Congratulations HTC Hero, you’ve already won when you turned a true blue Apple Fanboy into an Android user. For a complete listing of all other award winners – click here. Psssst, Canon EOS 50D won camera of the year … (take that! Nikon FanBoys!)

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