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Who Would Want A 22-Inch Touchscreen iMac?

There used to be a time when it’s safe to invest in an Apple product to expect a 18-month gap before the next update. It’s no fault of Apple, technology is just moving so fast that if any Company doesn’t update with what’s new – they’ll lose out. The latest range of iMacs just got out not too long ago and already there are “rumors” of a 22-inch Touchscreen iMac hitting this year. Here’s my prediction. If the Apple Tablet is real and announced next week, the move to launch a Touchscreen iMac will only mean one thing. That we will all finally be able to do what those guys in the movie Avatar did. Slide some data off your main computer into a portable tablet device and continue reading, working, and pinching in-and-out while on-the go. It’s not that difficult, we already have an App for that. Check out BUMP for the iPhone. You can slide a photo from one screen and it appears on the screen on the other iPhone placed side by side. So who’s in line for these?

iTunes, Donation For Haitian Earthquake Relief

Apple has set up a feature on its iTunes Store main page to allow users to donate to the American Red Cross in support of relief efforts in the wake of Tuesday’s massive earthquake in Haiti. The donations, which are available in six denominations ranging from $5 to $200, will be processed as any other iTunes purchase, allowing convenient billing for existing iTunes users, and 100% of the donated amount will be passed along to the Red Cross.

Update: Tried donating. But it requires a US based credit card to proceed. Lame.

Phones To Be Most Popular Web Browsers By 2013

The latest forecast from the analysts at Gartner shows that mobile phones are set to overtake PCs as the most common web browsing device by 2013. The increasingly popularity (and decreasing cost) of smartphones such as the recently-launched Google Nexus One and Apple’s iPhone, means one thing mainly – the widespread availability of fast and easy-to-use mobile web browsers. Gartner dates the ‘tipping poing’ when phones become more popular than traditional desktop and laptop PCs as 2013, when the analysts claim that browser-equipped phones will exceed 1.83 billion, compared with 1.78 billion PCs worldwide.

Free App: Dark Nebula, This Weekend Only

This game has a full and lite (free) version. But for this weekend only, the full version is available for download – FREE! Head over to the App Store before it’s too late. Am downloading now.

App Store: CNN, Best News App. Period!

I don’t subscribe to Astro or cable tv, therefore I get most of my news online. But due to the recent earthquake at Haiti, I wanted to get the latest coverage and insights on what’s happening. Instead of going online for video clips and news – I headed to the Apple App Store and downloaded the CNN App. Though it costs US$1.99 – personally, I think it’s worth tons more. Immediately upon download, I clicked the app and there’s President Obama giving a LIVE speech on my iPhone. Not a recorded clip, but LIVE streaming. Kinda neat.

App Store: Japanese

The most expensive App I’ve bought from iTunes was the Oxford Dictionary costing US$15. Now, there’s another app that I am eyeing on. A Japanese-English and vice versa dictionary costing a whopping US$19.99. I am running pretty low on my iTunes credits, therefore a little prudence in purchasing is required. Read the reviews which were highly positive – but the question remains, will this be another impulse purchase that will end up being just another icon on my homescreen. Am afraid – yes.

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