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Blu-ray: Most Wanted List


Did a quick check over at Amazon’s top-sellers list and I know which titles I want. Personally, the most anticipated release of them all is Pixar’s UP. Coming on 10th November 2009, it comes with 4-disc combo pack with digital copy and DVD packed to the brims with extra features. For the complete feature listings, continue:

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Blu-ray: Collector’s Edition, UP


Has the recent economic downturn made every Marketing Personnel cookoo? Who would wanna get a collector’s edition with a freaking desk lamp? Amazon is currently taking pre-orders for the Luxo Jr. Collectible Lamp Pack, but it will set you back a whopping US$140. This is just plain stupid.

Blu-ray: 300: The Complete Experience


With 2-hours of extra contents – this is the complete experience of the 300 movie. Available now for US$27.99 at amazon in a 40-Page collectible book packaging – includes a comprehensive walk-through of the new cutting-edge Blu-ray features, behind the scenes and production photos and never-before-seen sketches from creator Frank Miller. Expensive. Will wait for a promo price of US$11 like what happened to The Matrix 10th Anniversary Blu-ray Book Edition.

GhostBusters Blu-ray Discount


If you’re buying Ghostbusters, you can get $5 off by entering GHOSTBLU while checking out at Amazon. Currently, retailing for US$19.99 – with the discount, you’ll be walking away with a new release at $14.99. Not a bad deal. Me? Nah, not a fan of the movie. So, gonna pass.

Blu-ray: Ratatouille


Ah, at long last. The blu-ray of Ratatouille with Cantonese audio track is finally available at Retailing for US$34.90 with free shipping to selected countries. Want? Yes. Buying? Yes. Like now? Yes yes!

Sharp’s 20-inch AQUOS DX LCD HDTV: Built-in BD Player


I have a similar LCD tv. Minus the built-in Bluray Player of course. Folks in Japan will get this at the end of next month for ¥150,000 (US$1,593). It’ll be available in black (LC-20DX1-B) and white (LC-20DX1-W) but comes only in HD-Ready and not a 1080p display.

Blu-ray: X-men Trilogy


I’m not really a fan, but I just gotta get this 9-disc set Collector’s Edition. Clearly, the packaging is pretty much influenced by “X-men Origin, Wolverine” currently showing in cinemas. But seriously, the visuals played down all the other characters in the series and made them look like extras. Come on 20th Century Fox! X-men is not just about Wolverine, you know ….

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