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Venezuelan President: PlayStation Is “Poison” To Children

Yahoo! News: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said that Sony’s PlayStation video game console is “poison” and leads children down the capitalist “road to hell,”. Before this, he also slammed Nintendo for promoting “selfishness, individualism and violence”. He continued by saying any game that “bomb cities or just throw bombs,” are sold by capitalist countries to sow violence so they can “later sell weapons.” Oh my god! He is absolutely right! What a great awakening! I am so gonna throw out both my PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wiis and Xbox360s! Like now!

USB Scent Flower, Slightly Intrigued

I don’t think this is a bad idea at all. USB scent flowers for US$9.99 – you’ll get the flower with 3 refills. Now only if it comes in scent of Pepperoni & Cheese, Kentucky Fried Chicken or Popcorn & Bubblegum. Yumz.

Phones To Be Most Popular Web Browsers By 2013

The latest forecast from the analysts at Gartner shows that mobile phones are set to overtake PCs as the most common web browsing device by 2013. The increasingly popularity (and decreasing cost) of smartphones such as the recently-launched Google Nexus One and Apple’s iPhone, means one thing mainly – the widespread availability of fast and easy-to-use mobile web browsers. Gartner dates the ‘tipping poing’ when phones become more popular than traditional desktop and laptop PCs as 2013, when the analysts claim that browser-equipped phones will exceed 1.83 billion, compared with 1.78 billion PCs worldwide.

Game Releases For 2010, What’s Hot For You?

This time around, I find that I am not as addicted to videogames as I was last year. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 didn’t get a hold on me as it’s previous release did. I think that’s a good thing. Since returning from my trip, there were days when my PlayStation 3 were collecting dust and beggin for attention – but to no avail. I was just dead tired and busy with other stuff. So, will that change anytime soon? Here’s a list of what’s coming this year as compiled by those guys at joystiq. What tickles your fancy? For me, ModNation Racers for PS3 (kinda like the Mario Kart in HD) and Super Mario Galaxy 2 on Nintendo Wii. I know I should be excited about titles like God Of War III, Final Fantasy XIII, MAG and Heavy Rain – but I’m not. What’s wrong with me? Check the list yourself after the break:

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R2D2 Soy Sauce Bottle, Anyone?

It’s one thing to be a Star Wars fan, but totally another if you own this. A R2D2 Soy Sauce Bottle. It’s not cheap either. At ¥3,200.00 (RM115), it’s just sad. To make it even sadder, it comes in 3 different colors.

when dragged across a document each one will leave a trail of Disney-themed advertising behind it, based on the character you’re using

Disney Character Eraser Roller

Would you pay ¥ 2,500.00 (RM90) for one of these? When dragged across a document, each one will leave a trail of Disney-themed advertising behind it, based on the character you’re using. Okay, so we are dealing with privacy here – but imagine using this in your office and your CEO see these Disney themed rollers on documents being circulated. Not good.

Pocket Wifi by eMobile

While at Akihabara, I came across this little device from eMobile. It’s pretty small, 9.55cm in height – about the size of a pack of cigarettes. Contains a 3G simcard and what it does is create a Wifi hotspot for all your portable devices without the need of a computer. Imagine having this with DiGi’s Unlimited Broadband package for RM48 a month. It’ll will be WiFi on the go for your iPod Touch, Nintendo DSi or even laptops. Neat huh. Bad news is, you can’t just buy it off the shelve and use it here in Malaysia. It’s locked to eMobile of Japan and all we can hope is DiGi would bring this product to Malaysia soon. I’ll be first in line. DiGi, are you hearing me?

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