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再见, さよなら, Au Revoir, Hasta La Vista, Adeus, Shalom …. Ciao

That’s all folks. This is the last post. It’s been fun and great to have met some nice people here. But it’s time to move on and catch up on other things. May all of you live well, be happy and prosper. BigMacky signing off for the last time.

再见, さよなら, Au Revoir, Hasta La Vista, Adeus, Shalom …. Ciao

One Heck Of A Big Ass Lighter

At first glance, it looks just like a regular lighter. But once you put it side by side with the iPhone – you’ll see that this is a big ass lighter. It’s the biggest I’ve seen so far. Japan has all the best stuff.

It’s One Of Those Days At Work Again


The saying same shit different day is not really applicable here. I need a more specific saying. More like – same bunch of idiots, different day. Sometimes, I just wanna puke after a meeting with a bunch of dim wits. Time to log on to Modern Warfare 2 and nuke some buggers.

Meet My New Friend, Valium


I was introduced to a new friend today. His name used to be Valium, but now you can call him Diazepam. It possesses hypnotic, sedative, skeletal muscle relaxant and amnestic properties. It is commonly used for treating anxiety, insomnia and seizures. Most common side-effects include amnesia, impaired coordination, dizziness and nausea, depression, impaired learning and may increase the propensity toward self-harming behaviors and in extreme cases – may provoke suicidal tendencies or acts. The State of California offers diazepam to condemned inmates as a pre-execution sedative as part of their lethal injection program.

So, in any case – if I start doing dumb shit and drool like Homer, you’ll guys will know what’s the cause. Diazepam comes in 3 generic versions, 2mg, 5mg and 10 mg. Doc gave me the 10 mg for the next 3 nites. Will need to go back on Monday for a re-check of my blood pressure and decide if I will need to be under constant medication. My blood pressure today was 150/90. She asked if I was under a lot of stress from work lately. I pondered and said …. (amnesia kicking in, I forgot what I said, what was this post about again?)

New Honda CR-V, 2009 FaceLift


The new 2009 facelift model of Honda CR-V launched on 17th September 2009 in Japan is more of a refinement than anything else. From the first glance, you’ll probably won’t notice much difference from the current locally available model. But if you take a closer look, minor changes are applied to the front grills and bumper. For more photos, visit the newly updated Japanese Honda website by clicking here:



Piaggio, Hybrid Scooter


For the past month, the after office hour traffic in the city can be summarized in two simple words – fucking mad. It can easily take me 45 mins to move a distance that will take 5 mins – on foot! Especially on Fridays – the whole of KL will go into a traffic jam frenzy. I am seriously considering getting one of these for my commute on Fridays. It’ll at most take me just 15 mins to get home. Saw this Piaggio Xevo 400ie zoomed by my car while I was stuck fiddling my fingers on the steering wheel listening to my iPod. Maybe that’s the reason why my blood pressure has been going up lately ……


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