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HTC Hero Getting Android 2.0


Fellow HTC Hero users rejoice! For HTC has confirmed that Hero will be getting the latest Android 2.0 as reported by According to HTC – “Yes, we are working on an Eclair update for the HTC Hero. Because Eclair is a significantly enhanced release, it will require some time to update Sense for this new version of the Android OS. Please be patient while we work to provide you with a tightly integrated experience like the one you are already enjoying on your Hero.” What’s new with Android 2.0? Continue to find out:

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HTC – You Are Different From You

This is such a brilliant ad campaign. I love the end bit, “That you don’t have to get a phone, you need a phone that gets you” and how the Y and U flips to form the H and C of it’s logo. I can relate to 80% of all the “You Situations” in the ad. Apple need to have a new ad agency. It’s “Hello, I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” ads are getting irritating. (even for a Mac FanBoy like myself). The one for the iPhone 3Gs was so “mission-impossible-ish” – it’s beyond lame. This, on the other hand – relates to human. And not just the damn hardware.

HTC Hero: Gadget + Phone Of The Year


Well, it’s not like the Oscars or Grammys. But its still good to know that HTC Hero got Gadget of The Year and Phone of The Year awards from a reputable gadget magazine – T3. In addition to these two worthy prizes, Google Android also stole Launch of the Year, and Google was named Tech Brand of the Year. Congratulations HTC Hero, you’ve already won when you turned a true blue Apple Fanboy into an Android user. For a complete listing of all other award winners – click here. Psssst, Canon EOS 50D won camera of the year … (take that! Nikon FanBoys!)

RM559 For HTC Touch 2


HTC doing a promo in conjunction with the launch of HTC Touch2 here in Malaysia. You’ll get the unit at 65% off the retail price which will bring the cost of the unit to RM559. Limited to 65 units per day starting tomorrow till this Sunday. Head on down to Sunway Pyramid for your dose of WinMo 6.5. Visit’s page for a complete picture.

HTC HD2 Renders Hero Obsolete

Okay, HTC. You really gotta stop doing this. Killing off your newly launched products with something that renders everything else obsolete 1 month into it’s lifespan. Now, after watching this. My HTC Hero feels like a freaking 8bit gaming device while the HTC HD2 – a PlayStation 3 Xbox360. Eh, wait a minute. It’s WinMo! And the weather widget is such an OVERKILL! (Sour grapes)

I Miss My WunderRadio


I miss WonderRadio on my iPhone. Being a HTC Hero – I am deprived of the one thing I enjoy most – streaming online radio. Nah, I don’t like stuff on shoutcast, they are boring. I want live radio stations like London’s CapitalFM or Hong Kong’s 903. The thing is, WonderRadio is available on iPhone, Blackberry and even WinMo. Why? Why not Android?

HTC: Peep Is Fixed! Yay!


For the past week or so, HTC Hero’s Twitter app – Peep has been feeling kinda under the weather due to the Twitpocalypse II bug. Not only will it fail to update new tweets from Twitter, it even affected my clock on the homescreen. The weather widget on the clock just doesn’t update. It could be showing a sun and saying partly cloudy at 9:00pm at nite and a moon saying clear sky during lunch. Yeah, it was that wonky. But things are back to how it’s supposed to. HTC twitted about 10 hours ago saying that Peep has been fixed! I almost shed a tear of joy while reading that. Thank you HTC and Twitter …. sniff sniff. I hope I’ll never see that darn error message ever again.


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