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Free App: Dark Nebula, This Weekend Only

This game has a full and lite (free) version. But for this weekend only, the full version is available for download – FREE! Head over to the App Store before it’s too late. Am downloading now.

App Store: CNN, Best News App. Period!

I don’t subscribe to Astro or cable tv, therefore I get most of my news online. But due to the recent earthquake at Haiti, I wanted to get the latest coverage and insights on what’s happening. Instead of going online for video clips and news – I headed to the Apple App Store and downloaded the CNN App. Though it costs US$1.99 – personally, I think it’s worth tons more. Immediately upon download, I clicked the app and there’s President Obama giving a LIVE speech on my iPhone. Not a recorded clip, but LIVE streaming. Kinda neat.

App Store: Japanese

The most expensive App I’ve bought from iTunes was the Oxford Dictionary costing US$15. Now, there’s another app that I am eyeing on. A Japanese-English and vice versa dictionary costing a whopping US$19.99. I am running pretty low on my iTunes credits, therefore a little prudence in purchasing is required. Read the reviews which were highly positive – but the question remains, will this be another impulse purchase that will end up being just another icon on my homescreen. Am afraid – yes.

Apple App Store: iBloom

iBloom, a free game from the App Store has everything from nice graphics to great garden tending chores for that green finger spirit in you. Well, at least that’s what the intro text would want me to believe. The thing is, it doesn’t even start on my iPhone 3GS. Crashes the minute you click on the game icon. I understand that it’s a free game, but at least make it work. Is that too much to ask? Or am I getting the gaming concept wrong here?

Lego Photo App

Ever wondered how your photos would look like in Lego Bricks? Now you can. Download Lego Photo App from Apple’s App Store and turn any photos into work of art in lego bricks. Brilliant app and it’s free.

Maxis, Contract Free iPhone 3GS Is Back!

Good news for those who are waiting to get a contract free iPhone 3GS from Maxis. You can now grab one at your nearest Maxis outlets and there’s no 30-day waiting period too. But each iPhone 3GS must be accompanied with a Hotlink prepaid pack which you can choose not to use or just enjoy the free 500Mb monthly data for 12 months that comes with it. Retail price – RM2990 for a 32Gb and RM2490 for the 16Gb unit.

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