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Music: Sade, Soldier Of Love

She back! On the 9th of February, 2010 – Sade will be releasing her sixth studio album entitled Soldier Of Love featuring the first single of the same name. Downloaded the single from iTunes and it sounded like “Cherish The Day” with a heavier beat and very current arrangements. Lyrically, “In the wild wild west, trying my best, to stay alive, I’m a love soldier”  – okaaaaaay, it’s not as poetic as “Bullet Proof Soul” but hey! It’s Sade! I don’t care! Cuz I’m a big fan. Literally.

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Artiste: 槇原敬之 / Noriyuki Makihara
Single:  ムゲンノカナタヘ ~To infinity and beyond~
Released: 25th October 2009
Track:  冬のコインランドリー

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Artiste: Sade
Album: Love Deluxe
Track: Bullet Proof Soul
Released:  October 20, 1992

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Artiste: Pet Shop Boys
Album: Pop Art: The Hits
Track: Rent
Year Released: December 2, 2003

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Artiste: Daft Punk
Album: Discovery
Track: Something About Us
Year Released: March 13, 2001

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Why do we keep listening to older albums and ignoring the newer ones? Currently playing Control, the best track on her album of the same name released back in 1986. Sometimes I do wonder, what’s the point of getting newer albums? So that we can wait till it becomes old and only then we listen to it? People …..

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