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I love It works kinda like Tag Clouds. But instead of tags, it will show the most mentioned news in bigger sizes so that you can get the best scoop at a glance. Moving your mouse over a headline will generate a snippet, publisher and date the article was published. If you don’t have time to visit cnn, bbc or whichever news source you fancy, is your news headlines under 1 minute. You can even view by category. The interface is sleek and loads in a jiffy.

6:18pm, Tremors Felt In KL


Just got home. Sat down in front of my iMac. A glass of icy cold water by my side. As I was about to check my emails, I felt my chair moving slightly from left to right. Then the movement got stronger. The water in my glass started moving in sync. The tremors got so strong, I almost felt like someone was swaying my chair continually for a whole minute. Not sure if it’s Samoa again – but I hope the folks there are well prepared for a possible 2nd Tsunami. If I almost pee my pants here, I can only imagine what they are facing over there.

UPDATE: It was Padang, Indonesia. No wonder the tremors felt so strong.

Goodbye, Michael Jackson


Entertainer Michael Jackson has died after being taken to a hospital on Thursday after suffering cardiac arrest, according to multiple reports including the Los Angeles Times and the Associated Press. Jackson, 50, had been in a coma at the hospital, sources told CNN. Rest in peace, Michael. Thank you for the memories.

Goodbye, Farrah Fawcett


Farrah Fawcett, the blonde-maned actress whose best-selling poster and “Charlie’s Angels” stardom made her one of the most famous faces in the world, died Thursday. She was 62. To many, Fawcett will always be best known for her red-swimsuited image on the pinup poster, which sold a reputed 12 million copies after its release in 1976. Rest in peace.

Sony Ericsson Going Down


Sales been down 50% in the first quarter and if they fail to raise 100 million euros by the end of this fiscal year (March of 2010), it’s gonna be bye bye baby. Moral of the story – as a Company, all you’ll need is just one damn good phone. In this case, it starts with an i and has a fruit for it’s logo.

Malaysians Love Chickens

The Star Newspaper reported that the Giant chain of hypermarkets have sold more than 250,000 chickens in the past week. Damn! We Malaysians do love ’em chickens. And that’s just the figures from one hypermarket chain. Not inclusive of those sold elsewhere. Week after week, ton loads of chickens are being bred, slaughtered and eaten. That’s scary. Isn’t it? I remember Moby once replied “I choose not to eat anything with a face” when asked what was his reason being a vegan. But KFC is so damn delicious! This piece of news placed a wild idea in my head. Maybe I should be a vegan too. Not for religious purpose but just simply respecting other’s rights to live. Be it human or animals. Hey, it’s good for diet too. Anyone wanna sign-up as my “Be a Vegan Pal” to encourage one another? Me, a vegan? My toes are laughing.

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