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Nintendo Claims That DSi LL/XL Is Not Only For Old People

When the DSi XL launched in Japan late last year as the DSi LL, Nintendo rolled out an ad campaign featuring an elderly lady playing the DSi XL with her family. Japan, where the portable was designed, has a rapidly growing senior citizen population. “It’s absolutely not just for old people. DSi XL appeals to as many people, if not more, than its predecessors,” Nintendo senior product manager for DS James Honeywell told website CVG. “With bigger screens and a larger pen-like stylus it’s likely that older users may find the DSi XL easier and more comfortable to use but there are many more people it can and will appeal to,” Honeywell added. He also pointed out that it is easier to find the larger stylus between sofa cushions.

Oh STFU Nintendo! The more you deny it the more you’re just confirming it! Damn!


How Big Is The DSi LL? This Big.

Here they are. Placed side by side. The Nintendo DSi LL is really gigantuous and makes the DSi looks like Thumbelina. My friend Harribal made fun of me when I showed him the DSi LL on the nite I bought it during our coffee session at Shinjuku’s Mr. Donut. He kept saying it’s for old man, are you an old man? Why did you get it? Say what you will, I’ve spent some time playing with it last nite and really love the bigger screen and it’s GORGEOUS! Nuff said!

Silly Mii On My Nintendo DSi LL

Tomodachi Collection (Friends Collection) is the 4th top selling games in Japan for 2009. Amazing, this game is huge in Japan. Both my friends S and N are constantly playing it  on their DS. The thing is, you can send each other your Mii (virtual avatar of yourself) and they can keep you as a pet. I could never create a Mii that resembles me. Even on my Nintendo Wii, I couldn’t. But most of my friends have Miis that look identical to themselves. This representation of me was created by Andrew. He was doodling with the game creation earlier before we headed off to dinner. To those who knows me, does it look like me? Strangely, I think it does. Especially when it talks and how the mouth smirks. You be the judge.

Nintendo DSi LL: A Closer Look

From websites, I’ve always thought the Dark Brown was a little too black for my liking. So, when I saw the real unit last nite and it turned out to be a very sleek brown instead. Here are a couple of photos taken moments ago with my Canon 50D. Looking at these photos, I realized I’ve been buying gadgets in brown lately. First was my Sony Vaio W followed by my HTC Hero and now this. Not sure if brown is my new fav color – but am slowly getting over white. Continue for more photos:

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Got Myself A Nintendo DSi LL Afterall

The plan for the day was just head over to Shinjuku for a nice buffet lunch with friends. Honestly, there were no plans to shop for anything in particular. Since my arrival, the days been filled with tight schedules one after another. Today, was the only day I got to take my time to visit gadget shops in Shinjuku. At the back of my mind, I wanted to explore Lumix GF1 – a camera that I’ve totally fallen in love with since briefly playing with it a couple of days ago. The image quality beat the crap out of Olympus EP2 which I totally find unappealing now. So, with that in mind, I never had the chance to visit the videogame section while at Akihabara the other day. Today, I’ve finally came upclose with the new Nintendo DSi LL. I was love struck the moment I held it in my hands. The dark brown unit is just too beautiful. The screen is gorgeous and the gadget freak in me took over and here I am – with my new toy for the trip. With a tourist rebate of 5%, I got this for ¥19,000 (approx. RM 730). Will be having water and bread for the next few days.

Legend of Zelda, Spirit Tracks

With every new Zelda game, I will say to myself – this time I’m gonna finish the game. But of coz, it never happens. I think this is due to my V-ADD, Videogame Attention Deficit Disorder. There are only a handful of games that I completed and the last two that got me crazy was UnBlock Me (iPhone) and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PlayStation 3) which I completed in about 5-hours in one sitting. Major titles like Killzone 2, Resistance 2 and Uncharted 2 – all aborted at the first few stages of Level 1. So, have you completed any games lately?

Nintendo DSi LL Sold 100K In A Week

Though I know I should not even be thinking of getting one – because I just got myself a Nintendo DSi a month prior to the news that Nintendo gonna screw me with a new DS hardware. Still, many folks in Japan are more forgiving. They snapped up 100,000 units of the newly released Nintendo DSi LL within a week. I know I’ll drool over it when I’m at Akiba – but no, Nintendo. No. I’m still pretty sore at you.

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