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Cute Miniature Schnauzer, Don’t Tell Cody

After dinner, we walked pass a pet shop. My friend LK was captivated by this cute little miniature Schnauzer. She almost wanted to bring him home. Can we blame her? Look at this cute little fella. But at RM2,800 – cuteness alone will not suffice. Psssst, don’t tell Cody about this. Btw, video taken and uploaded with my iPhone 3GS’s camera. Not bad eh?

A Different Side of CoDy


Was in Ipoh over the weekend. Seeing CoDy after over a month since his 1st birthday on July 7th. Kudos to my mom for her a-cut-above grooming of CoDy which would put any professional pet grooming salons out there to shame. So, in this series of photos, I’ll be shooting a different side of CoDy – his beautiful coat of fur.

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Easter CoDy


Happy Easter everybody. From CoDy. Woof woof.

Missing CoDy


Missing CoDy dearly. This photo was taken during my last trip back. I snapped it from inside my car while my mom carried him at the front gate. Silly CoDy gave me this look that made my heart sank while driving away. Going back to Ipoh this weekend to spend some time with him and to deliver a box of Baby Donuts to a very lucky birthday girl who will be celebrating her birthday on the 13th, April!

CoDY – 5 1/2 Months Old


Was back visiting my parents as it was the Winter Solstice day which marks the first day of winter in the lunar calendar. The seasonal significance of the Winter Solstice is in the reversal of the gradually lengthening nights and shortening days. It’s also a day when Chinese will eat Tāngyuán made from glutinous rice flour. I didn’t get to eat Tāngyuán this year – but I had a very huggable and lovely fluffy fur ball which seems to be getting bigger and bigger everytime I see him. CoDY – my puppy. He is getting so heavy – but still adorable as ever.

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A Bigger Boy Now


Was back visiting Cody this weekend. Haven’t seen him in a month and boy has he grown. As you can see from the photo above, my mom has taken really good care of him. This trip, Cody has calmed down quite a bit. No longer that little kid that runs around whenever he has the chance. Took him out for a meal with the family, this time – he sat down quietly on the chair next to me and all of us were able to enjoy the meal without having to carry him throughout like before. 

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Visiting Cody, The First Time

Was back visiting Cody over the weekend. We were apart for 2 weeks. We spend quite a bit of time together. Took him out for dinner with the rest of the family and I think the weather was a little too warm for him. He was exhausted at the end of the meal and I had to carry him throughout. I didn’t eat much, I just wanted to spend more time with him. On the way back home, he clearly enjoyed the air-condition in the car and he was resting quietly. Once we got home, he accompanied me in the garden. This trip, I felt that Cody has calmed down quite a bit. Maybe the open space did him good. Resting beside me whenever I am in the room. He used to run around like a little boy when he was staying with me. Now, I guess he feels secure and happy in this new environment.

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