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Olympus E-P2, Is It Worth It?

Was at LowYat Plaza earlier and there were some promos going on for compact point-and-shoot. The show stoppers were none other than the newly launched Olympus E-P2 and Lumix GF-1. Didn’t enquire much as I was just passing by. If I remember correctly, the EP-2 is retailing for RM3,900 while the Lumix GF-1 is RM3,200. Since when it’s ok for a point-and-shoot camera to break the RM3K price barrier? No matter, there’s no way in hell I would pay anything more than RM3K for a compact. Regardless how great they might want us to believe it to be. Sorry.

What’s With Sony & Snowflakes?

First, Sony put some snowflakes on the recently updated Sony Vaio W netbook. Now, they’re doing it to their Sony Cybershot DSC TX1. Is this the new IN thing in Japan? Snowflakes?

Olympus EP-2 Officially Priced For Malaysia


Yesterday, Olympus Malaysia has finally announced the pricing and availability of the Olympus EP-2 here in Malaysia. This came about approximately 5 months after the launch of Olympus EP-1. It will hit stores early next month priced from RM3,799. The major new feature of the EP-2 is the addition of an “Electronic Accessories Port” which accepts an electronic viewfinder, one of the most requested feature for the EP-1. From it’s website, it seems EP-2 will only be available in black. What’s with the shorter life-span of gadgets these days? Is it a sign that the product was rushed? Whatever happened to having a minimum life span of 1 year before the next update? Sure, technology advances. But come on – 5 months?

Olympus EP-2 Coming In January 2010?


Rumored to be coming in January 2010 at €950 (US$1,412,  RM4,810) with 12.1 megapixel, AF tracking, an electronic viewfinder, a black color option, 3fps shooting, a 720p movie mode – but still no built-in flash. Okay, I think I am missing something here. Other than the new electronic viewfinder, what else could’ve yanked the price up so much? Olympus EP-1 was about RM2,700 at launch. Why is this RM4,810?

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV


It’s official. The new Canon EOS-1D Mark IV with 16.1 megapixel APS-H CMOS sensor, ISO range of100 to 12,800 native, up to 102,400, 45-point area customizable autofocus with 39 high-precision cross-type focusing points, dual Digic 4 processors, 1080p HD video, and an option WFT-E2 IIA wireless file transmitter for connectivity over 802.11a/b/g and ethernet. Comes with a US$4,999 (Approx. RM17,800) for the body alone. People like me with cheap ass point and shoot camera budget move along now – nothing for you to see here.

Pixlr: Online Photo Editor


Having a Netbook with minimal processing power, I was glad I need not install memory munching softwares like Adobe Photoshop to perform simple photo editing functions for my blogs. Now, there are many online photo editor out there which works directly from your web browser. I’ve tried 2 so far and I am liking more than

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