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DiGi: Speed Test Results

This is the speed I am getting when I tether with DiGi’s 3G Unlimited mobile broadband in my office. The speed is at par with Maxis (Average likely speed, though sometimes Maxis can go up to 2Mb) and a gazillion times better than Celcom which doesn’t have 3G coverage in my building. For RM48 a month, I am totally a convert and agree with DiGi’s tagline – Broadband Done Right! Keep up the great work DiGi.

DiGi: Back To Square One


Today, I switched back to DiGi again. I was pissed with Maxis because they do not have a warning system to alert it’s customers on the data usage. Long story short, I was slapped with a RM250 bill for one week’s usage. Now that DiGi has rolled out it’s Unlimited 3G mobile broadband here in the Klang Valley for RM48 a month – it’s bye bye Maxis. Sure, I’ll never be able to get 2Mbps connection at my office, but its not speed I need. It’s unlimited data at an acceptable average speed of 700kbps. There, I am back right at where I started. Thank goodness for Mobile Network Portability.

Sony Selling iPhone Ringtones


Sony has been eating up ton load of humble pies lately. First, they released peripherals for the iPhone. Now, they’ve sunk to an all time low. Selling ringtones for the mighty iPhone. Guess the mass appeal of the iPhone isn’t something the top management at Sony Creatives Software division could afford not to reckon with.

DiGi Turbo 3G Network


DiGi has done it. Launching the first Turbo 3G Network in Malaysia. Strangely, coverage area only available in Penang and Kota Kinabalu. With speed up to 14.4 Mbps – priced at RM48 for Unlimited usage capped at 3GB per month. It’s a pretty darn good deal eventhough speed will be throttled to 128Kbps once you’ve reached your monthly 3GB quota.

Sony Vaio X


I knew that Sony Vaio X is thin. But I didn’t expect it to be this thin. Just got back from LowYat Plaza and played with the newly arrived Sony Vaio X which has the thickness of a pencil when closed. It was a real tech wonder. At 1.6 pounds and half an inch thin – this baby is seriously light.

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Windows 7: Student Edition


Students Edition, Windows 7 retailing for US$29.99. Hope this offers is available locally. Will check with my regular gadget shop in LowYat Plaza tomorrow. If its available, time to ask my niece who are in college to help me grab a copy.

Windows 7 For NetBooks


If you’ve got a netbook, you probably don’t have a CD or DVD drive – so you may be wondering how you can upgrade to Windows 7. The Microsoft Store is the only place where you can get a downloadable version of Windows 7. Download Windows 7 directly onto a USB drive on your netbook – no CD or DVD drive necessary. The upgrade version of Windows 7 Home Premium Edition retails for US$119.99 while the full version for US$199.99 available here.

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