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Lady GaGa or Lady GuyGuy?

Recently, a friend told me that Lady Gaga is actually a dude with a penis. Or more specifically, a hermaphrodite. Someone who has a male and female reproductive organs. Did a quick check on the net and seemed this was old news and surfaced sometime last August when a photo of her getting off a bike showing more than just a “camel toe”. Check out the parody video after the break. Pay attention to the lyrics:

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Phones To Be Most Popular Web Browsers By 2013

The latest forecast from the analysts at Gartner shows that mobile phones are set to overtake PCs as the most common web browsing device by 2013. The increasingly popularity (and decreasing cost) of smartphones such as the recently-launched Google Nexus One and Apple’s iPhone, means one thing mainly – the widespread availability of fast and easy-to-use mobile web browsers. Gartner dates the ‘tipping poing’ when phones become more popular than traditional desktop and laptop PCs as 2013, when the analysts claim that browser-equipped phones will exceed 1.83 billion, compared with 1.78 billion PCs worldwide.

StarBucks: Year Of The Tiger Mugs

This year, Chinese across the globe will be celebrating Lunar New Year on Valentine’s Day. To cash in on this rare event, StarBucks Coffee has introduced a couple of new coffee mugs and tea cups to usher in the year of the Tiger. Saw these at StarBucks KLCC today and got myself the one with a little white tiger for RM38. No free coffee with purchase though. With shipping, some sellers are asking for US$35 on eBay. Go figure.

Free App: Dark Nebula, This Weekend Only

This game has a full and lite (free) version. But for this weekend only, the full version is available for download – FREE! Head over to the App Store before it’s too late. Am downloading now.

App Store: CNN, Best News App. Period!

I don’t subscribe to Astro or cable tv, therefore I get most of my news online. But due to the recent earthquake at Haiti, I wanted to get the latest coverage and insights on what’s happening. Instead of going online for video clips and news – I headed to the Apple App Store and downloaded the CNN App. Though it costs US$1.99 – personally, I think it’s worth tons more. Immediately upon download, I clicked the app and there’s President Obama giving a LIVE speech on my iPhone. Not a recorded clip, but LIVE streaming. Kinda neat.

Music: Sade, Soldier Of Love

She back! On the 9th of February, 2010 – Sade will be releasing her sixth studio album entitled Soldier Of Love featuring the first single of the same name. Downloaded the single from iTunes and it sounded like “Cherish The Day” with a heavier beat and very current arrangements. Lyrically, “In the wild wild west, trying my best, to stay alive, I’m a love soldier”  – okaaaaaay, it’s not as poetic as “Bullet Proof Soul” but hey! It’s Sade! I don’t care! Cuz I’m a big fan. Literally.

Sesame Street, Coming To A Console Near You

Sunny Day Sweepin’ the clouds away. On my way to where the air is sweet. Can you tell me how to get, How to get to Sesame Street? Ok, if you know those words as well, you’re an old fart – like me. Which means, you would somehow feel a little tingling in your heart to know that Warner Bros. will be working with Sesame Workshop to develop games for current generation consoles. Yay! (enough with FPS! Screw Call Of Duty! I want some BigBird and Cookie Monster Hunter!)

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