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Spiderman 4: Villains Revealed?


It’s still completely up in the air: Sam Raimi may or may not be returning to direct “Spiderman 4”, but either way he’ll be staying attached to the series as a producer. So when MTV Movies got to chat with the mega-successful moviemaker, the conversation got around to what villains MIGHT arise in the next movie.

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Transformers: Verdict


There’s a saying, that there’s a kid hidden inside every man. Transformers will bring him right out no matter how jaded you think you’ve grown towards special fx heavy films like these. It’s big, loud and full of testosterone-fueled car fantasies, Michael Bay’s actioner hits a new peak for CGI work, showcasing spectacular chases and animated transformation sequences seamlessly blended into live-action surroundings.

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iGod: Steve Jobs


In the same town-hall session where he announced that every Apple employee would be getting a free 8GB iPhone. Steve Jobs discussed his thoughts and plans for the company’s latest device, talked about new Mac systems and iPods on the way, and detailed the ever-broadening business model of Apple. Jobs opened the meeting by expanding on his previous praise for the iPhone, equating its release to that of the original Mac, and saying that its creation was borne out of frustration with current phone technology.

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DiRT: Sold 500k In One Week


With week one sales out the door, Codemasters is proud to announce that DiRT, the company’s critically acclaimed new racing title, has exceeded expectations across the board. If DiRT’s early review score of 9/10 from Official Xbox Magazine (U.S.) wasn’t any indication, Codemasters is now reporting that week one sales of the game have surpassed 500K copies globally, and the playable demos for the Xbox 360 video game entertainment system from Microsoft and the PC have been downloaded over 500K times worldwide.

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Metroid Prime 3 Corruption Box Art


Am not a fan of Metroid Prime eventhough I’ve bought the original Gamecube version to be played on my Nintendo Wii. It’s bizarre – the things I’ll do to maximise shipping charges on eBay. The concept is supposed to save money, not spend more! To those who give a hoot – here you have it, the box art for Metroid Prime 3 Corruption for the Nintendo Wii.

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Brain Age 2: More Training In Minutes A Day


If you had suggested a few years ago that the Nintendo DS would be the fastest selling console in history and its most successful game was a self-help puzzle game more popular with the elderly than traditional gamers many would’ve wondered whether your brain didn’t need rather more training that it was currently getting. Here, have yourself another round of Brain Age for the Nintendo DS.

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Movies Flashback: Summer ’07


The string of summer blockbusters are coming to an end. Got my tickets to The Transformers – the most anticipated movie of the year on my must watch movie list for 2007. As I look forward to tomorrow night’s screening – let’s take a flashback on some of this year’s summer blockbusters reviewed by movie critics with an acid tongue.

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