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StarBucks: Year Of The Tiger Mugs

This year, Chinese across the globe will be celebrating Lunar New Year on Valentine’s Day. To cash in on this rare event, StarBucks Coffee has introduced a couple of new coffee mugs and tea cups to usher in the year of the Tiger. Saw these at StarBucks KLCC today and got myself the one with a little white tiger for RM38. No free coffee with purchase though. With shipping, some sellers are asking for US$35 on eBay. Go figure.

Amazon Black Friday Deals Start Now!

Get your credit cards ready. Amazon Black Friday deal starts now! Get deep discounts on many items listed daily and from past years’ experiences, some are very worthwhile. From electronics, videogames, blu-rays to books – it’s a steal. Click here to check-out what’s available and what’s coming up. All the following titles are below US$10. If we have such prices here – piracy would be a thing of the past. I’ve got my eyes on some Blu-ray titles – maybe a game or two as well.

Service Standards At Crocs Is Crap


How long does it takes to get from Lot 10 to Mid Valley? On average, 15 mins drive on non-peak hours and possibly 1 hour during peak. How long will it takes to do a stock transfer from Crocs Mid Valley to Crocs Lot 10? Eternity. Was at Lot 10 on Sunday to get my Crocs Velocity work shoe. Since they were out of stock for my size, they’ve placed a stock transfer from Mid Valley. After 3-days, James couldn’t stand their incompetence and made his way there to pick it up for me instead. Crocs – your service standard is crap.

Crocs: Velocity


Will be getting this tomorrow. The Crocs outlet at Lot 10 doesn’t have stock for my size and had to do a stock transfer from Mid Valley’s branch. I never thought I’d be caught dead wearing crocs but they are just too comfortable to be ignored. Velocity is their first work shoe and its really comfy. For a big sized guy like me, good foot support is important. It’s not the best looking shoe around, but I’m pretty sure its the most comfortable work shoe available – for me, at least.

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Play, by JT


This is not a MP3 player. It’s just a shameless endorsement for money by a pop singer – Justin Timberlake’s new men’s fragrance from Givenchy called Play. Batteries and FutureSex LoveSound not included.

New Old Specs


Got myself some specs yesterday. I love black frames. And the recent trend with retro geek glasses has affected my selections. On hindsight, I don’t think I like the matt transparent one. Most probably will be going back to exchange for a black one instead. What was I thinking?

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