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6:18pm, Tremors Felt In KL


Just got home. Sat down in front of my iMac. A glass of icy cold water by my side. As I was about to check my emails, I felt my chair moving slightly from left to right. Then the movement got stronger. The water in my glass started moving in sync. The tremors got so strong, I almost felt like someone was swaying my chair continually for a whole minute. Not sure if it’s Samoa again – but I hope the folks there are well prepared for a possible 2nd Tsunami. If I almost pee my pants here, I can only imagine what they are facing over there.

UPDATE: It was Padang, Indonesia. No wonder the tremors felt so strong.

Best Twitter App On Android: Twidroid

twidroidIf you’re a Twitter junkie like me, you’ll most probably be hunting for the best Twitter App out there on the Android Market. I’ve since installed and un-installed many. The better ones I’ve tried includes TwitterRide, Swift and Twidroid. Between all 3, Twidroid is my fav because it has clean layout, photo & video uploads plus built-in URL shortening feature. There’s a free and pro-version for US$4.89 from the Android Market. Choose your poison.

Awesome Gum!


I know exactly who I would buy these for and I think I’ll need to buy it by the truck loads. Every single day, I could use a couple of packets of these. Especially the How About A Nice Big Pack Of Shut The Hell Up.

What I Miss Most About The iPhone


Ok, after using the HTC Hero for almost 2-weeks now, I finally know what’s missing in the Hero and know for sure what I miss most about the iPhone. In one simple word – media. Music, movies and of coz, apps. Syncing media with iTunes is really very well thought out and I don’t see any company could stand up against it – well, for 2009/2010 at least. Before the HTC Hero with it’s removable battery, MicroSD card – seems everyone was bitching why Apple couldn’t just give us that? Here’s why: (warning: long post)

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PSP Go! It’s So Tiny!


I gotta say, I didn’t realize how tiny the PSP Go! is until Engadget put them together in their review. I have a white PSP, and doing a quick measure – this thing is small! Now that Sony has officially announced that they’ve decided to screw the UMD-to-digital file transfer to the PSP Go! Would you still fork out for something that’s gonna cost ya US$250 (RM871)? Me? Most probably not. Noticed that slanted probably?

Introducing Android 1.6


Android 1.6 or Donut has been released to Developers for the Android platform. Watching the intro video kinda made me sad – because it’s just doing what the iPhone 3GS does. To be really honest, if it wasn’t for HTC Hero’s Sense UI, I wouldn’t take a 2nd look at an Android phone. I appreciate a beautiful user interface and experience more than technological achievements. The Sense UI changed my perception of Android phones. Now, with Donut released to developers, I hope HTC will take the Sense UI to the next level – once again. For the video on Donut, continue:

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HTC Hero: Celcom Promo


It’s finally announced. Celcom revealed it’s HTC Hero promo today. Priced at RM1,799 on-top of a monthly commitment of RM149 which includes RM50 for calls and RM99 for Data Unlimited. It will come with a 16Gb MicroSD Card and Jabra Bluetooth headset as well. Available from today at all Celcom BlueCube outlets – nationwide. Is it a good deal? Depends. If you’re planning on using Celcom – you’ll be paying RM149 a month anyway. Otherwise, Maxis will cost you RM108 which consists of RM50 for calls and RM58 for 500Mb of data. If you’re a light user like me – Maxis will do just fine. But if you’re heavy on tethering – then yes, it’s a damn good deal. After all, the HTC Hero is still currently going for RM2,399 (Add RM100 for a 16Gb Card) in retail shops.

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