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Movie: Avatar – It’s Good, I Mean, Really Really Good

I’m sure you’ve seen trailers of this movie by now – or heard about it’s director, James Cameron – the man behind the biggest grossing movie of all time, Titanic. Not sure about you, but before this – I was just fairly interested in catching this movie. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. This movie (3D version) kicked ass!

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Russell Crowe, The New Robinhood

Robinhood is a bearish man in tights? Ermmmmmm, okay. I didn’t watch the one by Kevin Costner. I wonder if this would be any good. Afterall, Cate Blanchett is in this and directed by Ridley Scott who brought us Alien, The Gladiator, Black Hawk Down should be a good indication, right?

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Movie: Iron Man 2 Movie Trailer Released

Have you seen the new Iron Man 2 movie trailer? First, there’s Obama – now, a black Iron Man with a black brother inside. Aren’t we getting a little overly political here? Before this, we got our first black princess in Disney’s animated feature Princess and The Frog. It received complaints from the African American community cuz the love interest of the black princess is a white dude. Oh nevermind that, still hyped in catching it when it hits theaters on May 7th 2010.

Movie: Love Happens

“When the roads get dark and you can no longer see. Just let my love throw a spark and have a little faith in me. And when the tears you cry are all you can believe. Just give these loving arms a try, baby and have a little faith in me” – Have A Little Faith In Me, by John Haitt. I love this track taken from the soundtrack more than the movie itself. I just can’t seem to find the connection with the characters. Aaron Eckhart’s character, Burke Ryan said in the end of the movie – “You spend the last few days getting to know a part of me that wasn’t really available, so I was wondering if I haven’t screwed it up too bad, if you would be interested in getting to know the part that is”. Nope, sorry – not interested. If you haven’t seen this movie – put it under your Rental list instead.

Movie: Jennifer’s Body

My dislike of Megan Fox aside, I don’t think this movie deserves the 45% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. If it’s up to me, I’ll probably give it a 30% tops. Cheerleader kidnapped and offered to Satan as a virgin sacrifice so that a lame ass band could get a push in their music career. Who in their right mind would think someone as slutty as Megan Fox would still be a virgin? To me, that’s the funniest part of the entire movie. If you’ve been wishing for a lesbian kissing scene featuring Ms. Fox – your prayers are answered. Otherwise, there’s nothing much being offered here other than bad acting. Not sure which is more appalling, the movie itself or the fact that I actually completed it. Sigh.

A Christmas Carol In November? Weird …

It’s Friday. That means movie night. Strangely, was deciding between watching AstroBoy or Jim Carrey’s A Christmas Carol. Strange, because I’m a big fan of AstroBoy. If this was an Osamu Tezuka production, I wouldn’t think twice. But, it’s not and I don’t fancy the idea of having AstroBoy altered to suit a different market & losing it’s original appeal. Hence, my boycott of the movie. So, will be catching Jim Carrey’s A Christmas Carol in 3D instead. Still, quite a strange choice – a Christmas movie in November. Oh well.

Movie: 2012


Back from the movie. It was indeed two and a half hours long. But it has non stop action all the way. The destruction of Los Angeles was amazing. The special effects were jaw dropping. My only complaint was the camera works and lighting toward the end were a little “handy-cam” like. It felt like there were two groups of camera crew shooting the movie. One was the Hollywood team and another, a bunch of film school students with a shoe string budget. Please watch it in the cinema. It’s well worth the price of your ticket. Will definitely get the Blu-ray for all the making-of features. One of the most enjoyable movie of the year.

Rotten Tomatoes rated 2012 a horrible 38%. I think most of the film critics there went in and expected something along Schindler’s List or The English Patient. Come on! It’s a disaster movie, filled with spectacular visual effects. Realistic story and moving relationships are the last thing on the plate. You wouldn’t go in and watch Too Fast Too Furious and expect to be moved to tears now would you?

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