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iPhone: Version 2


The iPhone 2 is nothing but a bunch of rumors for the time being. Rumored to double it’s current capacity, faster 3G connection, better camera and much thinner. Yup, all rumored for a June 2009 release. Either way, I’m still very happy with my 1st gen iPhone – the only complaint that I have at the moment is the lack of memory on my 8Gb unit. I have subscribed to ton loads of Pod Casts that I listen to during work each day.


Breaking News: CIMB Going Down?


Breaking news, literally. One would not usually expect such a post from me but I do find this piece of news disturbing. Malaysian financial services group CIMB has asked its 36,000 employees to consider taking up to six months of unpaid leave as it aims to cut costs in the global economic slowdown, a top official said on March 30. Workers who take up the group’s offer will start their leave from April 1. CIMB Group Chief Executive Datuk Seri Nazir Razak (the brother of our soon-to-be Prime Minister, Najib Razak) said – “How can (this) possibly be called a lay-off? We are not instructing anyone to do anything. We are just giving them an option to apply if they wish to take an extended break. Don’t interpret it any other way,”

Helloooooooo???? How else can we interpret this?

iPhone: Skype


The official Skype Application for iPhone and iPod Touch will be hitting the Apple App Store starting tomorrow. iPod Touch owners, you’ll need the Apple Ear Phone with built-in mic for this. Reports say that it’ll only work over Wifi and not on EDGE or 3G. So, naturally – one would ask this inevitable question. Then WTF is it good for?

PSP: Spirited Green


This is the Sony PSP Slim & Lite – Spirited Green edition. Released in Japan on March 19 and retailing at for a whopping US$ 249.90 (RM914.25). Don’t like it. Prefer the Bright Yellow unit instead. But then again, I don’t remember when was the last time I played with my Sony PSP.


Do You Remember?


My friend Justy and I are a plague to each other. We are kinda like spiritual brothers who kinda think alike and are both kinda equally a chronic-melancholic. We were both from the same Church back in 1995 and now he is in Korea and I am here in KL. Connected through social network sites like wordpress, twitter and of course the ever-privacy-invading MSN. Was going through his twitter page last nite and saw something he posted on March 21st 2009. It says “A long long time ago I desperately tried to connect with God with as many words I could used. I even spoken in tongues as I’ve ran out of words. And now all that’s left is silence. Is that all that’s left?” And that’s exactly how I am feeling towards this subject. 

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Twitter: Explained


Today, has finally added Twitter on their list of widgets. As you can see on the right, my latest tweets are displayed. Feel free to add me @bigmacky or visit my page. To those who doesn’t know what Twitter is, let me try to explain:

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Panasonic DMC-GH1


I don’t care much for another camera, but this camera looks really really sexy. Panasonic DMC-GH1 – will be available April 24 at an estimated cost of ¥150,000. After conversion, thats about US$1,500. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

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