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I’m With CoCo, But It Doesn’t Matter Anymore

I’m an ardent fan of Coco. I watch The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien as soon as it hits. Last nite, I watched the last episode with Martin Scorsese and totally enjoyed Conan’s singing how NBC being a bunch of incompetent morons. If you caught the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards, you’ll probably heard Julia Roberts saying “NBC, you’re in the toilets”. The show is over, Conan has left and is reportedly to be US$32 million richer in pay out. The downside, about 200 staff of the show is now out of work. NBC, stop being such a hole of Jay Leno. He’s yesterday’s news.

Lady GaGa or Lady GuyGuy?

Recently, a friend told me that Lady Gaga is actually a dude with a penis. Or more specifically, a hermaphrodite. Someone who has a male and female reproductive organs. Did a quick check on the net and seemed this was old news and surfaced sometime last August when a photo of her getting off a bike showing more than just a “camel toe”. Check out the parody video after the break. Pay attention to the lyrics:

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Simple Questions, Stupid Answers

I don’t usually post stuff I get from my inbox, but these are too good not to. Do note that these are actual answers by actual students. This proved that no matter how far our exams are dumbed down, it seems it’s not far enough for today’s pupils. But rather than admit defeat in the face of tricky questions, some decide to take a more creative approach to their answers. After scouring exam papers and speaking to teachers, humorist Richard Benson has collected the worst student howlers in a new book. Conclusion – you won’t know whether to laugh – or cry. Continue for more:

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Madonna: Sticky & Sweet Tour

There’s no doubt she’s still sits on the throne as the Queen of Pop – no other female artistes could come close. (I am looking at you, Ms. Taylor Swift who so doesn’t deserve the Artiste Of The Year award). Watching her Sticky & Sweet Tour and man! This lady can move and sing! She’s so physical while maintaining her vocal controls. As if dancing in sync wasn’t enough – she jumped rope. Really like what she did with Vogue – very current. But between this and her previous Confessions Tour – I dig the latter more for it’s outfit, song choice, choreography and stage. Btw, she totally killed Borderline. For the complete Set List, continue:

UPDATE: OMG! I think she lip synced! So obvious during the last song, Give It 2 Me!

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American Music Awards 2009

The minute I found out that Taylor Swift won 5 awards including Artiste Of The Year, I said fuck this and true enough – this year’s AMAs were nothing but a screwed-up pity filled nominations and wins. How in the world a 19-year old with just one hit win Artiste Of The Year? All the performances were a bore! Including the much hyped debut performance by Adam Lambert. The most enjoyable moment – when Jay-z took the stage with Alicia Keys. If you haven’t watched this year’s AMAs – don’t bother. Note: Liking Jay-z more and more now. For the complete winner’s list, continue:

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Google Monster


This afternoon, I was baffled by the invasion of Cookie Monster at On my way home, Elmo was on the radio doing a Q&A session with the DJ. I was like, WTF? Then the DJ went on to say in just a couple of days, Sesame Street will be celebrating it’s 40th anniversary. The show premiered on the 10th November 1969 with muppets created by the legendary Jim Henson.

That Was It?


Just came back from the movie. Throughout the entire show, I was saying to myself – That was it?  If you’re seen a MJ concert before – in person or in video, you’ve seen it all. This is basically concert rehearsal footages “conveniently” shot in HD and covers every song. Call me silly, but I’m still saying MJ is alive and kicking somewhere sipping Margaritas laughing his ass off to the bank. It’s the perfect retirement promo in the history of mankind. Fake your death, people go crazy, CD sales hit the roof, release a movie, release the Blu-ray, you’ll have yourself a big bang farewell concert that will reach a worldwide audience a concert could only dream of.

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