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Nintendo DSi LL: A Closer Look

From websites, I’ve always thought the Dark Brown was a little too black for my liking. So, when I saw the real unit last nite and it turned out to be a very sleek brown instead. Here are a couple of photos taken moments ago with my Canon 50D. Looking at these photos, I realized I’ve been buying gadgets in brown lately. First was my Sony Vaio W followed by my HTC Hero and now this. Not sure if brown is my new fav color – but am slowly getting over white. Continue for more photos:

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Got Myself A Nintendo DSi LL Afterall

The plan for the day was just head over to Shinjuku for a nice buffet lunch with friends. Honestly, there were no plans to shop for anything in particular. Since my arrival, the days been filled with tight schedules one after another. Today, was the only day I got to take my time to visit gadget shops in Shinjuku. At the back of my mind, I wanted to explore Lumix GF1 – a camera that I’ve totally fallen in love with since briefly playing with it a couple of days ago. The image quality beat the crap out of Olympus EP2 which I totally find unappealing now. So, with that in mind, I never had the chance to visit the videogame section while at Akihabara the other day. Today, I’ve finally came upclose with the new Nintendo DSi LL. I was love struck the moment I held it in my hands. The dark brown unit is just too beautiful. The screen is gorgeous and the gadget freak in me took over and here I am – with my new toy for the trip. With a tourist rebate of 5%, I got this for ¥19,000 (approx. RM 730). Will be having water and bread for the next few days.

I Felt Like Pooh Today

That’s me. Being silly and putting on a Winnie The Pooh cap. The cap is so big, when I bend my head downwards – it looked as if I am wearing a Pooh costume. So, we had a blast taking these photos and everyone took turn posing on the main street of DisneySea. The hat costs ¥2,700 (approx. RM 100) and the return on investment was fully recovered within the next 15 mins of purchase. Yokatta desu ne! More photos after the break:

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Clear Skies With A Chance Of Okonomiyaki

Current temperature is 8-degree celcius. Forecast for tomorrow is clear with a high of 10 and low of 4. With DisneySea’s location by the bay area – it should be colder with wind chill factor. With such readings for the week – don’t think we will be seeing any snow this trip afterall. Still – the weather has been great. Sunny with a chance of Okonomiyaki for dinner after DisneySea. Friends gonna take us to this All-You-Can-Eat Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pizza) restaurant for ¥1,900 (approx. RM 76) per person. Yumz.

Day Trip To Yokohama

Yokohama, about 30 mins train ride from Tokyo’s Shinjuku JR Station – has a breathtaking skyline. This photo was taken around 5:10 pm earlier as the sun sets. Standing before me, the tallest building in the whole of Japan – Yokohama’s Landmark Tower.  If you wish to enjoy the best view of Yokohama bay, you must visit Osanbashi Pier. With the city skyline on one side and the bridge on the other- it’s the best locale for what Yokohama has to offer.

By the time we got back to Tokyo, it was already 8:00 pm. Rushed to my fav spectacle shop Zoff for a new pair of glasses which was ready in a mere 25 minutes. Received a call from my friend Harry who just finished work and was at Shibuya. Though nearby, I was just too dead tired to go anywhere or wander any longer. All I wanted was to get home, shower and crash. So, didn’t meet up afterall.

Tomorrow morning, we will be heading to DisneySea. As we wanted to get onto the Tower Of Terror, we had to leave very early. It opens at 9:00 am and we will be there an hour earlier. That means, we will have to leave the apartment at 7:00 am. The time now is 1:18 am. I should be sleeping. Goodnite.

My Trip So Far

Last nite, we went to Odaiba. For the first time, rainbow bridge was indeed in rainbow color. In all my previous trips to Odaiba, it has always been lighted in white. The weather was a little cloudy but cold. The last few days, we’ve covered many places and was dead tired. Didn’t even have the energy to update my blog.

The picture above was taken at Roponggi. The Christmas lighting was beautiful with Tokyo Tower in the background. Having friends who drive does make our trip much more accessible. We managed to visit a few spots in the evening which don’t think I will have the energy to if we were to take public transport. My friends, they are the best!

Earlier in the evening, we headed to Harajuku. The street was packed with a sea of people as far as the eye could see. Guess everyone was doing their last minute shopping for the New Year celebration. We were hoping to catch people in costume but only managed to catch a handful of girls dressed in dolls outfit and Final Fantasy inspired costumes.

Today, we will be heading to Yokohama. The journey will take about 1 hour and 30 mins by train from Shinjuku where I am currently staying. My friend will pick us up on his way back to Tokyo. Yes! Less walking and commuting.

One Heck Of A Big Ass Lighter

At first glance, it looks just like a regular lighter. But once you put it side by side with the iPhone – you’ll see that this is a big ass lighter. It’s the biggest I’ve seen so far. Japan has all the best stuff.

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