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A Different Side of CoDy


Was in Ipoh over the weekend. Seeing CoDy after over a month since his 1st birthday on July 7th. Kudos to my mom for her a-cut-above grooming of CoDy which would put any professional pet grooming salons out there to shame. So, in this series of photos, I’ll be shooting a different side of CoDy – his beautiful coat of fur.

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Kick Back, Relax, Get To Work!


It’s been almost customary that I do not work on this particular day for the longest time. But lately, as I get older (I doubt, wiser) – it seems that it’s just another day and I no longer take the day off. This morning, when I woke up – I do feel kinda wanting to kick back and just chill at home. But I doubt my Boss would appreciate me calling in the very last minute for EL just because its my birthday.

During the last nite on my recent Bali trip. My friends and parents gave me a surprise when they had a cake pushed out on a cart and everyone started singing Happy Birthday. They’ve planned that with the Tour Guide who was kind enough to arrange for a cake while we were busy doing our touristy thing. As it happened in a restaurant, I gotta admit – I was blushing from embarrassment. But I love them. Every single one of them. For taking the trouble. You know who you are. And thank you for being a part of my life and sticking through thick and thin (not physically, of course) with this “overly demanding and often emo” son, brother & friend.

Jon & Kate Plus 8


I’ve never heard of them prior to yesterday’s big announcement. I’ve no idea what Jon & Kate Plus 8 was all about. So, after seeing them featured on the mainpage of Yahoo! and other entertainment sites, I dug up and managed to get hold of Season 1 of this family reality show. First, they had a twin. Then a Sextuplets (6 at one go). So, that’s how they came to name the show, Jon & Kate Plus 8. An outing with this family involves 6 snack packs, 8 juice cups, 24 diapers, 3 pacifiers, 2 chewies, 2 stuffed animals, 1 baby doll, 1 blankie. And a normal day involves 2 loads of laundry and at least 30 diapers change. The big news yesterday was – they’re splitting up. Calling it quits. Getting a divorce. The sad part of it all is, it’s not a show. It’s real life. And yes, the kids are stuck in the middle of this. For a picture of Kate showing off her tummy before giving birth to the Sextuplets. Continue:

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Father’s Day Is Nigh


We had a brief moment of peace. The world went on in an orderly fashion for a couple of weeks. The media was free of buy this, buy that and buy those for Mother’s day. Now, the nightmare is starting all over again for Father’s day. Get ready to be bombarded left, right, centre and most certainly …. your behind.

Ad Assaults! Help!


Do you ever get the feeling that you’re bombarded with Mother’s Day ads everywhere you turn? You switch on the radio, ad assault. Flip the newspaper, ad assault again. Go online, more in-you-face ad assaults yet again! I just don’t subscribe to such commercial ideology. Take a look at the ad above, it’s so offensive! Almost obscene! Ok ok, I am pissed because I am not going back this weekend and all these ads are making me feel that I should. But my parents know, I don’t just celebrate their kindness every May and June. Hah! Take that! You blood sucking, manipulative, mind bending, false-guilt imparting Corporate Maggots! (phewwww, ok, I’m done now)

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