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Movie: District 9


This is such a low profile movie. I didn’t know it was showing in the cinema until just a couple of days ago. When I saw those words ‘Peter Jackson presents” – I was like, for real? Driving by federal highway and saw the billboard with a giant UFO hovering a city. This looks promising. Checked out the trailer and find myself intrigued. I dig movies with Aliens on earth. Went to see it at the cinema today, and ….

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Batman: Arkham Asylum What?


I have not got my hands on Batman: Arkham Asylum. But I’ve noticed the unusual hype surrounding this game. Seems like every major gaming websites are raving about it to the extent of having one thinking whether they were all “paid” to say so. Rave reviews aside – this game just got a Guinness World Record for “Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever” – now that’s fucking pushing it. Come on guys – everything has limits.

Nikon D700, Got Pwned!


I’m not a Nikon fan. Don’t think I have anything against Nikon. It’s just a brand preference. Somehow, when I pick up  a Canon – it just feels right in my hands. You ask me technical features between the Canon 5D Mark II and this Nikon D700 – you’re better off with wikipedia. But I got a friend who is a total Nikon FanBoy! Guess he’ll be pissed when he reads’s conclusion – “price difference between the Nikon D700 and Canon 5D MK II, only around 20,000 Yen (€150) and this small difference is unfortunately for me not big enough to go for the D700”. Pwned!!!! For more photos and full impression on this camera, click here.

Snow Leopard, Delayed Till 1st Sept


Folks in Kuala Lumpur trying to get their hands on the latest copy of Snow Leopard over the long weekend will be disappointed to know that shipping and stocks are delayed till Tuesday, 1st September 2009. So, no luck in tweaking your new cat on the Mac this long National Day holiday.

New CR-V 9.17 Debut


The Japanese Honda website is showing a teaser images with the words – New CR-V, 9.17 Debut. From this photo, one might think there aren’t much changes made. If you view the old model with this new one side by side – you’ll see the grill and bumper are more refined and streamlined. Hitting the Japanese market on 17th September and rumored to be arriving in Malaysia by January 2010. Continue for comparison:

Website Update: Click Here

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Sandy Lam ’09 Live In KL


Thanks to my friend Justy for the heads-up. Sandy Lam ’09 Live In KL will be taking place at Putra Indoor Stadium concert on Saturday, 28th November 2009. Am I going? You bet! I love her to bits! I missed her last concert in Singapore. Ain’t gonna let this pass me by. Tickets are priced at RM68, RM108, RM168, RM228, RM298 and RM368. Pre-sale gonna take place next Saturday, 5th September 2009 – Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur from 3pm onwards. For more info, click here.

iPhone: Updated To OS 3.0.1


Been wanting to update but just couldn’t find the time to sit down to go through the RedSnow tutorial. But finally got myself in doing it today and it’s not that difficult. The only thing that got me a little pissed was how the tutorial missed out a very important tip. You should not update via your dock instead having the cable directly connected to your iPhone instead. Otherwise, your iPhone will not reboot at the final stage. I wasted quite a bit of time at this stage until I read through the comments section. Am using a 1st gen iPhone, here’s the tutorial and all the necessary files required.

Question: Does updating to 3.0.1 make your iPhone run smoother? NO. Still the same lag since OS 3.0 came out.

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